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Need help desperately

Where do I fill out the Order Requirement ? I have ordered a gig and I payed for it but the page says incomplete gig and when I went to Fiverr support, it is written there that ORDER REQUIREMENT form needs to be filled out and a large orange ribbon will be visible if my order is not complete but I see no such thing. What do I do ?

Generally, after you pay for a gig a question pops up requesting the required information. At that point you can enter the information. If that did not happen for some reason, I would (1) try clicking on the banner you keep seeing and hope some instructions pop up. If that doesn’t work, type to (2) click on the little megaphone icon near your username at the top of the screen. When you hover over it, it says notifications. Option (2) will probably list any lingering questions or things you need to be aware of.