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Need Help? Don't forget this! [READ ME (Closed to new comments)]

If you need help and are in Improve my Gig to post about yours, you are in the right place and please do! Unfortunately sometimes you won’t get an answer right away. While you wait, read the posts that others have made. This can help you in a few ways!

First, you can watch for people who received answers and read those. You may find a gem answer that you can apply to your own gigs!

Second, pick one that hasn’t been answered and go look at that person’s gigs. Even if you have no sales yet, you know things! You may have expertise in the same skill, knowledge about advertising, a typo correction or just ideas about what you’d want if you were buying the gig. I don’t know about others, but I believe that when you help people it often comes back to you in it’s own way. When you give someone else advice about their gig you are helping them. Why not give it a try and see if it brings some good back your way? Good luck out there!

I just made my first logo designing gig a day back. Can you guide me somehow anything to improve?

I would include a header image on the page, as this completes the look of the page. You are a designer, be creative with it.



Please don’t put your help requests right in this thread. Read the original post. Thanks.

I took a look! I think your “Description Section” is just perfect. If I was looking for a logo, I would pick you. You seem passionate and are able to convey the fact that you are aiming for customer satisfaction. You seemed very genuine. The Logos are great and should be as sleek as possible with great resolution satisfy a modern feel. Your Great.

which one is the original post?


The one at the top of the thread. It starts with the title “Need Help? Don’t forget this!!” This thread is about reading replies to other posts and using them. It is also about offering advice or critiques of other gigs in this category, even if you are new! When you help others, help may also come to you.

Hi I’m Don, a fellow seller here at and a Graphic Artist by trade. Logo’s are my specialty.

I saw your gig, great work!!! : )

Here’s a little advice.

  1. Know Your Craft! Understand the Different types/styles of Logo Design.
  2. Study and Learn from what other designers around the world are creating or have created.
  3. Practice when you have spare time Creating Logo’s for Mock Companies. It helps to do this, because the more logo’s you design…The BETTER you’ll become. ***They don’t teach you this in school. This is a Tried & True method! : )
  4. Pay attention to your CUSTOMERS needs. Be detail oriented!!! Give Them What They Ask For, and Nothing Less or More. ***Reason: They want what THEY want, and NOT what you want to Design for them. UNLESS…“THEY” ask you to.
  5. Simplicity Sells. Keep It Simple and Clean.
  6. Offer Variations in your gig as an upsell or Gig Extra. Works For Me & Others.
  7. DELIVER YOUR GIG ON TIME…ALWAYS!!! Even Early DEliveries to A Customers Expectations and beyond are always appreciated and repeat business may result from this, and the above practices.

I pray that your business begins to grow rapidly, as a result to these additions and your talent.


I think @thehaloguy is also funny guy who always find something interesting without reading nothing

I made a gig for Facebook likes but I have not any permanent buyer who want Facebook likes on post .

Hello, please don’t put your help request in this thread. If you need help, please create a new post and place it under the Improve my gig section. Please do know though that gigs that sell Facebook likes of any kind is not of Fiverr’s editorial focus – meaning your gig may not appear the search or worse, it may be removed in the future. You may want to try offer other services that you are good at. Best of luck!

Thanks admin. We always appreciate your.

Agreed, which is why I pointed him out. Not all attention is good Mr haloguy!