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(need Help!) Don't know what I need to activate gigs

<Please note: Some categories require that sellers verify their skills.>
This is listed under both gigs I have but there is not link or info on what I am missing. Last time I couldn’t do the art one cause of failing the Photoshop test when Photoshop is not a big part of my process and when creating art I don’t use shortcuts. I can never remember them and they aren’t necessary. I mostly just draw traditionally and scan it in after so why would Photoshop be a requirement for most artists.
Also if tax documents are the problem I don’t know if I received a email about that or not and don’t understand why there isn’t an easy to find link to fill in such paperwork online whenever needed. I must have deleted the email and if I need that to activate how do I receive another one?


Is this the wrong place to ask for help? Really I don’t know enough about the site and how it works to know where to go to get help. I really need the income from the gigs but don’t know what to do to get them to work.

I think it says “Some categories require that sellers verify their skills.” in gigs when you select to edit them no matter what the category/subcategory. So if that category/subcategory isn’t one you need to take a skill test for there’s no need to do anything about it - just set up the gig, save it and publish it. If it asks you to take a test then you’d need to do that.

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but what other category could I put drawing under, that’s the problem there isn’t a separate art category or anything. If I put it under something not as related it will be difficult for people to find it. Plus I was sure for my second gig with writing that I did the grammar test or whatever. Don’t remember how I found it, maybe there was a link then, but it also says the same thing. Anyway I probably need someone who knows my exact problem but not sure how or where or who to contact to see what my problem is.

Check this out: for lots of helpful information.

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