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Need Help Filing Taxes 2020!

Hello! I’m young, new to Fiverr, and my family isn’t familiar with filing taxes as an online freelancer (5er, Etsy, etc.). I’m confused on how to go about filing my taxes for Fiverr (I’m using TurboTax) because I haven’t received the 1099 form (haven’t reached the $20k + 200order reqs for it).

I figured the 1099-NEC was the way to go (over the 1099-K), and it asks for my payer’s federal ID number / EID. I can’t seem to find Fiverr’s EID anywhere, and I saw someone in a forum from 2013 say that we have to input our own SSN in that spot because we’re self-employed (and something about being double-taxed)?

Any advice from anyone who’s filed taxes for Fiverr before is much appreciated:)

If you do not receive a 1099 from Fiverr because you did not break the 20k threshold, all you do is add it to your gross income. You do not need their EID - just add it as other income.

Also, if you are using Turbo Tax, you have to use the paid version, not the free stuff to get access to the right forms - Schedule C etc.


As a freelancer, you are technically a small business owner, so have fun filling out Schedule 1’s, 2’s, C’s, SE’s, etc.

I have done mine for 30 years all by hand - no software. It isn’t hard at all.


I didn’t mention difficulty (it isn’t) but did mention having fun filling it out (which it isn’t). :slightly_smiling_face:

It does take me a few hours to work on, that is for sure. Not a fun task.


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Hi, I thought it has to be at least $600 dollars to report taxes.