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Need Help Finding This Artist on Fiverr!

Hi Fiverr,

I recently had a very bad experience with a client who seems rather suspect; they had sent me art that they’d commissioned from another user on Fiverr and wanted me to animate it for them. I did as I was asked and suddenly they cancelled the order and badmouthed my work quite harshly, however they have access to the finished product so in theory could get the product for free.

I am currently working through this with the support staff but I was wondering if the community could help me find the original artist for the work? The client’s page is fresh from January 2020 when they messaged me and they have NO reviews on their page so I cannot find the original artist and the client is unwilling to discuss with me as of right now.

I have attached the original piece below:


A buyer cannot cancel an order by themselves. You would have had to approve the cancellation in this stated situation, which means, you would have agreed to let them have any already-delivered work for free. Never agree to cancel an order after work has already been delivered. Doing so lets the buyer have the work for free. It sounds like you were scammed.

As far as the image, if you do a Google image search off of the image you shared, you’ll find that, at least the background appears to have been stolen from the internet. In other words, I see multiple results of that same background, likely attributed to an artist on deviantart.

I can’t confirm this, either, but the character itself (the guy with the sword) looks a lot like character art I’ve seen in online video game ads. It looks strangely familiar, however, I am not a gamer, so I can’t point to any specific character source. It just… it looks like something I’ve seen before.


Should have raised it with CS before accepting to cancel the order

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The background is from a fellow deviant and the foreground character looks like a style mimic of some sort.