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Need help! Fiverr Customer Support, where are you?


This is to seek help from Customer support.

This is my situation: a buyer ordered my gig of $5 and require the high quality (which will be $45). I said he/she needs to upgrade to $45 so that I can start work. After that, he/she didn’t respond. Today, he/she ask what is the price for that quality, I said $45. Then he/she cancel the order (force cancellation), and stated “seller failed to deliver on time”.

That is REALLY NOT FAIR!!! I didn’t do the $45 work for $5, then I got a thump down, really? and then, no “report” button appears like in the past (???). I have no where to contact you, Fiverr CS, please!

Please help me to solve this.

Thank you

Thank you a lot @kjblynx! I came to the cs site before, but it never appear the button and I found no way. Now it turns out again, thank you!