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Need help: Fiverr in Germany for foreigners

Greetings everyone,

I have recently moved to Germany for PhD and I’ve been around Fiverr for the past couple of years. It would be splendid to continue my work on Fiverr for some extra cash, but is it needed to report that type of online work to the tax office? I am completely unaware of the process and procedures and have recently withdraw my money to my PayPal, as it has generated enough.

Is anywhere aware of such regulations in Germany? Does it need to be reported somehow? Thanks in advance!

P.S. After PayPal, money finishes on my bank account in my home country, not in Germany. PayPal is also registered for my home country. Cheers!

You actually have to report it to the tax office. Legally spoken.

You pay tax to the country which you are a citizen of. If I move from USA to Germany I would not pay tax to Germany. I would pay it to my country I am a citizen of.

If I were working in Germany I would pay tax to Germany but since I am working on the internet I pay it to my home country.

Talk to an accountant. Most countries don’t ask you to report income unless you earn more than a certain amount. By the way, make sure you report the money you’re making after Fiverr’s 20% commission. If you sell $100, you’re really making $80, so you’re better off being taxed at $80 than $100.

Okay, I am a citizen of my country and the withdrawn money will reach my country. Since I will have lots of work to do for the PhD, I believe that I won’t have time to deal with Fiverr at all. The sum which I withdrew is rather small (around 300$) and it went directly to my PayPal. Also, the work was done before moving to Germany or even matriculation process. So, as I spoke to my friend, it shouldn’t have any weight that I made a withdrawal this time. Thanks!

Thanks all for the answers. Actually, the sum is rather small one and I have still not asked for the residence permit and I still have to matriculate. I guess that this time, it could go without any concern. As I probably won’t have time to deal with Fiverr due to PhD, I guess that it’s good. :slight_smile:

Well it really depends. If you are able to read German than check this out:

Part time jobs in Germany in which you make up to Eu 400 are not tax deductible.

If you are ever uncertain I would suggest to set up a consultation with a “Steuerberater”.

Best of luck with everything.