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[Need Help] Fiverr keeps rejecting my verification documents


I got a message from Fiverr that I need to verify myself so I can keep selling on Fiverr. I tried multiple times with my valid ID card and a picture of myself but I’m always getting rejected and there is no explanation so that I can fix it and I got my account restricted.

I live and work in Germany but I’m using a valid ID card from a different country if that can be a reason.

Can someone help me fix this issue?


You’ll need to talk to CS about this - be prepared to wait a while for a response.

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Hi coerdelion, thank you for your reply. I already talked with to CS 2-3 times and they added new attempts, but I’m getting the same message again and again: "Sorry, we weren’t able to verify your identity after multiple attempts. Therefore, your account has been restricted. ".