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Need help for a new buyer


I am new to Fiverr and need help with placing order. I have one order in progress however when i try to place another order Fiverr doesnt allow me to do so. I tried using several credit cards and even paypal account. I have recieved a custom order and need it done urgently. Can someone pls help how to go about it.

if you want to order separately then go to profile of seller and place order on another gig of that seller.
may b you are placing order on same gig
i hope this make sense

My first order is with a different seller and the second one with a different seller so obviously they are different gigs. Can someone pls advise on this issue.
How can I go ahead placing the order? is there a Fiverr support contact number or something…

There’s no number, you can submit a ticket to them here: (then click on Submit a Request)