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Need help for cancel order my buyer friend is died

support does not reply. need help for cancel the order my buyer friend has died

thank you


What? How can you confidently assume that they died? Are you sure you’re not getting scammed? Tell us if you received any weird replies.

Anyways, support is taking up to a dozen days to respond as of the recent influx of new sellers. Don’t worry about cancellations and such.

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i need help from support…

thank you for reply

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We are not the Support. We are Sellers as well as Buyers on the forum. We can’t help you cancel any orders


Everyone here on the Forum is a buyer or a seller. If you want to reach Customer Service, then you can e-mail them at

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Customer Support is very busy at the moment and can take up to 10 days to reply.

Hopefully you will receive an earlier reply.