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Need help for getting my first sale here


  1. Your profile doesn’t make a lot of sense and doesn’t seem to bear any relation to your ability to do the gigs you have set up. Amend the English, put in punctuation, and make it relevant to your gigs.
  2. Your price is too much for a new seller. You have to be cheaper at first to get the orders and so people will take a risk with you. Once you have a good number of reviews under your belt (>50) you can think about raising your prices. You might want to take some things out of your cheapest option to do this. For example, don’t offer copywriting. check out other gigs in your category, they offer less but many with good reviews start at $20.
  3. Your gig description is truly awful. I suggest you hire somebody to rewrite it. Because of this, I would definitely recommend you take copywriting out of every but your most expensive option as you will get bad reviews. If you include it in your most expensive option then you can afford to hire another seller to do the copywriting for you. Be careful that they have good English!


Please help me to check what I missed in my gig


Don’t hijack another’s thread. You will get more responses if you create a new topic in ‘improve my gig’.