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Need help for getting order

hi every body!
can any one help me . from 4 months i am using fiverr , i did not get any order yet. i am also sending buyer request but still can’t get order . is there any techniques or tips for getting order . or if there is some thing missing in my gigs . please what should i have to add in my gig, Thanks

I would have a look at your texts in your gig description. The reason should be clear.
Other that that you seem to have some good gigs

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Haven’t looked any further but the correct spelling on one of your gig images should be “Original.” A glaring spelling mistake like this can be off putting for many people.


can you please indicate me the mistake . where i need to correct somthing .
please review my gig

sorry sir , i dont get it , can you review my gig , whats the reason that i did not get any order yet

so it didn’t occur to you to read the tips on the other 10+ posts asking the same thing every day?

sorry sir , what the reason ,? can you explain the reason please

If you look at your gigs the image on one of them says “Orignal”. It should be “Original”.

Thank you.
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Thank you very , it that the only mistake ? or there some other mistakes?
can you review my gig’s description if there some gramitically mistake

Unfortunately I am unable to help you further. Maybe someone else may have time to do so. Good luck!

  1. Your profile photo should be your photo not some logo
  2. Your profile description is so generic. So you are very good at white board animation…so do 100s other fiverr sellers