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Need help for getting orders!


I have joined fiverr as a seller 3 months ago, I got only one order 2 months ago. I completed my order on time and the buyer gave me five stars but afterwards I haven’t get any order. Although I created few more gigs but nothing happened on anyone of them. I also tried posting outside fiverr on social, daily submit offers in the buyer requests section but nothing seems to work for me.

Kindly tell me how to get orders and build trust on buyers.


Find three gigs that are competing with you that have high sales (Lots of Reviews)? You can privately send the links to me and we can take a look at it. There is over 17,000 gigs in the SEO category on Fiverr so you are going to have to find a smaller niche to help break in. Your new gigs won’t have traction until they have atleast 1 sale and 1 5 star Review.