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Need help for GIG

I have created gig a week before and got order after 2 days of gig but later that i am not getting any order even my gig impressions are 1.2K and in first order in got 5 stars plus positive review…any suggestions

GIG link

I have to be honest, I’m surprised you even got one order.

Your grammar is just too far off point to be doing proofreading. There are English majors on here doing 5000 words for $5. What chance does that leave you?

Either go on to Kindle and find some free grammar books that you can study like mad, or try a different niche.

As things stand right now, you don’t have a future in proofreading. Not even with the help of software. Sorry.

OK i got it .But i want to know that whats wrong with it if i am doing proofreading of 5000 words in $5.

Your gig description is as follows,

i will provide you professionally proofread and edited 500 to 5000 words.





Rephrasing poor sentence structure



Do you know that many of people will instantly stop reading your article when they see a spelling or grammar mistake.So if you want your articles more attractive then you need to make it error free.You don’t have a need to worry because i will do this work in just 5$.

First of all this description will drive a grammar major berserk, your first phrase of the description needs to end with a question mark, improper word usage all over the place, and you need to capitalize the I every time because it looks tacky and ignorant if you don’t. Of course these are all things they teach in school here in America in 2nd and 3rd grade. I could proof read all day, but it would drive me up a wall, and nobody is going to buy your gig if you yourself can’t even use proper grammar, punctuation, and word usage in your gig description.

Plain and simple, nobody wants to pay you to proof read 5000 of their words if you can’t even proof read your own 2200 character gig description.

OK got it .Thank you so much for guidance.

It’s ok, I hope you’re not disheartened. Sadly, Fiverr isn’t a money tree where all you have to do is sign up and you get cash. You have to be pretty good at something in order to sell your gigs, and there’s a LOT of competition now.

Keep brainstorming and you should find something you can offer. Try to stay away from those crappy books too that tell you you can put up a gig you can do quickly with software or whatever and it will sell. They’re pretty much outdated now.

@sara1984 i am not disheartened because i know i am new and will learn slowly and i appreciate @mindlessmuzik comments because she have shown me the facts which will help me to make progress here.

You must also create multiple gigs instead of staying with one. Start out with like 5-10, that you can do something within 10 minutes, or just in a timely manner. Keep those gigs up that get over 1k impressions to click ratio after 2 weeks, and get rid of any that nobody is really viewing or clicking on.