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Need help for IP changing confusions

Hello Guys,
How are you all?
Again I am here with some confusions.
I live in “Rajshahi” city in “Bangladesh” country. And I opened my account from Rajshahi. But now for some reasons I have to move “Sylhet” , another city of my country. And Of course I have to take new internet connections here for doing my works. So obviously the Internet IP will change. SO my confusion is If my Internet IP will change then is there will be any problem with my account???

i have to go “INDIA” after some days for my Father’s heart blocking OPERATION. So if I use my account from there , I mean if I use my account from any Indian Internet IP then also my account will be in risk ?

Please help me with my confusions , Guys. Cause it’s very very urgent for me.If you know anything then please let me know…I will be greatful to you guys…

Advance Thanks to you all…


As long as you don’t violate any Fiverr terms IP address will not be any issue, As you are visiting a different country you should notify the support.

Prayer & good wish for your Father.



I’ve read before here in the forum about buyers who have had issues with things like these before, or even changing from PC.

When I’m going to move or live in another place for a while I just let know CS and ask them if I can have any problem. They usually say that nothing will happen… in any case, I think it’s better to say something… just in case,

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Nothing you’ve mentioned should be problematic. Fiverr’s issue is with multiple accounts selling the same products from the same IP address. You’re not going to be doing that, so you should be OK. Still, as the others have said, it’s a good idea to alert Fiverr, just in case some wires get crossed, so to speak.

Best of luck with everything.

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It should not be a problem as long as you don’t violet any ToS like using multiple account on the same device etc. I’m also from Bangladesh and I move different places frequently and use different IPs. Sometimes I have to depend only on mobile internet and you know, in the mobile internet the IP changes automatically and I never had a problem with that.
Secondly, you can work from anywhere. That’s why it’s an online marketplace.