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Need help for linking my fiverr to paypal (India)

“Before we can deposit the funds into your account, we need a bit more information about your account or recent transactions. To provide that, just log in to your account, and go to your account overview. Select the More menu, then choose the link that takes you to our Resolution Centre. Please provide the missing information by 14 September 2020, or the funds will be returned to the sender.”

I got this email from paypal, and my fiverr shows that the balance is deducted from fiverr

When i go to resolution center in paypal website, it shows me 0 open cases, am i supposed to do something or its all okay and the balance will be added after some time?


I believe this is a problem from paypals side and not fiverrs as such. Also the thread is in the wrong topic.

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  1. Did you receive notifications from Fiverr to your email regarding money withdrawal ?
  2. Did you receive notifications from Paypal to your email regarding Fiverr sending you money ?

You need to talk to Paypal customer support directly, Paypal India team on Facebook is active and responds. You can also try to contact them through other social media accounts like Twitter, etc

If you have not filled the essential information like bank details etc which is important for PayPal then fill it out and if you have no knowledge then try to ask Paypal support team or someone Freelancers who are active of FB, etc that may help you.

I hope this helps

Thanks for replying,
I did get an email from both, fiverr and paypal, paypal’s email tells me to add more info about me, but doesnt tell me where and what info to add
I already have a phone number and bank account verified there, do i need to make it a business account for this?
And also, if the payment fails for some reason (after 14th sept as it says in the email from paypal) will it appear back in my fiverr earnings? or will i lose money?

Can you please help me? I’ve already contacted paypal customer service too, but if your help would be useful too. Thanks.

You don’t need a business account . You can visit paypal community because there are moderators of paypal that will help you. just search paypal cummunity on google… you will find help there. Thanks

no sorry you will need bsuiness acount if you are in india . i received the same info and now i dont know where the hell are my money gone. it says that you will need to link with your same email to receive money and i did wit with other . wtf

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if i didnt receive thw money from payapal and the money returned back to fiverr then will fiverr give me cahnce to give agian?

paypal sucks. i ahve lost my 2000$ from fiverr . now i will never use paypal!

You should give fiverr the same email to withdraw your money that Paypal has for you.
Yes if the money went back to your fiverr account you can try again.

How did that happen?

Does it actually goes back to Fiverr or I lose the money?
@commercekatty @misscrystal

I’m not sure what you are talking about.

If you see money in your fiverr account it went back to fiverr. If not then it didn’t.
It’s possible it’s in your Paypal account. I answered the best I could with no information.