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Need help for my elementor gig

I am a newseller from fiverr. Recently i complete one order. My gig is in number 5 pages when i select relevance but right now i can not find out my gig.
what can i do right now?
please help me…

Your gigs are all in a highly competitive category. How do you market yourself off of Fiverr?

Not like that. My gig is in the 4th page in relevance. But i need to edit my gig for change something. I edit my gig then I lost my gig rank. How to get back my gig rank?

There is no such thing as rank in the Fiverr search results. Your gig location will vary, based upon it’s success, your efforts to meet your metrics, and, no doubt, many other proprietary data that Fiverr is not going to share. Be a great seller, and don’t worry about where you show up in the search results. If your target buyers like your work, they will hire you. Reach out to them, and show them why they should do so.


When you edit your gig it disappears from search result, but do’t worry it will reappear soon(on its best position).

Thanks a lot very informative reply