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Need Help For My Friends Account (information)

Greetings Forum Users :slightly_smiling_face:
One of my friend created fiverr account.
And He Got an Order that he Comoleted it & rhen he get’s notify with time counter that verify the ID or ID verification Process,
Query is
He has mobile number that he csn access but he didn’t have the Fiverr Application Or Internet Browser by which he’s not able to open the Link in his Mobile phone as he didn’t have the smart phone but have the yellow screen keypad phone…
So how he will able to verify the ID as the ID verification process needs the Link to be open in mobile phone to upload the document but he is not able to do this…
So how he will send his documents for the id Verify process…
As he’s not technical enough that’s why ask for help to me…
And i still not able to get content or information Regarding this…
so any One who face such issue and get solution so kindly reply here also i request the seniors and staff members to Sort out this issue so in future other fiverr users will get benefit from it.
Waiting for the Replies

If your friend is not technical enough to upload a photo using a phone, how is he going to be able to work here on Fiverr? Answering messages, uploading files for clients, responding to Buyer’s Requests, writing out proposals… these all require at least a small amount of technical knowledge.


If your friend is not technical enough to upload a photo using a phone,

I think he doesn’t have a smartphone so he can’t upload the file with the phone he has.

Maybe your friend would need to buy a smartphone or borrow someone else’s to do the ID thing?
Buying one I think might be best. Ideally Fiverr should have a way for those without one but I don’t think they have. You could ask CS to be sure.

Why are you asking on behalf of a friend? Why doesn’t your friend ask?


I might be wrong but I think you can also do it from the laptop. And I’m sure it was discussed on the forum so you can just use search button here and read through the aid verification topics to find that prt.


Friend doesn’t have smartphone doesn’t he isn’t able to verify id via phone

because he is not familiar with forum conversations

Thanks Dear… Will you Please Send Me The link of that topic that you are referring as…
searching “verification” in search box i got “no results found”

If you search for ID verification there will be a looooot if posts on that topic.
Unfortunately I wouldn’t do your job and go through all of them to find the one that you need. You or friend need to to do it himself.
There is also a big discussion on ID verification created by @hanshuber16


OKi I am checking thanks for the mini refer

Here you go: SUCCESSFUL Fiverr ID Verification: Here's what you need to know

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