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Need help for my gig I dont see it in the search result

Here is my gig NSFW my gig

Any advice to get it noticed by someone? Im new here! Thanks in advance!


I would suggest that you ask Customer Support if your gig is okay and showing up in search. While Fiverr does allow some things like erotic writing, they have been very picky about it lately. There is a good chance they are not displaying that gig in search at all, or if they are, they might deny it at some point. I know of some people who write adult fiction and have had their gigs dropped or denied and Fiverr is usually tougher on visual than on writing.


Hi thanks you alot for your answer! I will try to reach the Customer Support. I did another gig with no mention of Adult content and it doesnt appear on the search result too. Here is my gig logo gig

Do you know where i can reach the Customer Support?


You can reach them here

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Hi elvie, I wouldn’t call that Not Safe For Work (NSFW).

I you search “sexy” you’ll find stuff that is far more risqué, although safe for work.

There’s a Top Rated Seller with a “sexy erotic ebook cover design” gig. That guy is very talented.

My only advice to you would be to draw in color. You can always turn it into black and white if the client asks for it later on. It’s an easy Photoshop change.


Thanks for the information you share