Need Help For My gigs impressions, clicks and views


Hello everyone,
Good day.

I have problem in my gigs impressions, click and views. I am trying best for improve my gigs promote. But i fail. Everyday share my gigs in my twitter, google+ and LinkedIn. But my gigs impressions, click and view didn’t increase. Please help me to provide your best suggestions.

Here is my profile:

Thank you advance for suggestion.


Hello @dev_rocky,
Your marketing system is all right. The increasement of your impression, click and views not only depends on your sharing the links but also the people need to click them in. If you just put the URL to your twitter, linkedin or google+ account, the people or other users mayn’t click and view them unless you add an attractive heading before putting the link.

And I don’t know how much follower you have on Twitter or connection on Linkedin, try to enhance the follower or connection and before sharing the links, add a small heading related the advantage of that gig so that people get interested to click and view your profile/gigs. This will increase the amount of your impressions, clicks and views.



Thank you so much for your suggestion.

I have 300+ twitter followers in my connection.

Yes i posted my link with some Heading before.

Let you know one time my gig impressions has 4k+ but after 3 mouth it is now 700+ . I don’t know why it happen. i am trying and trying for increase but i didn’t get any result. It still decreasing.

Now what should i do now?? Any suggestion?



That doesn’t matter or you needn’t be worry seeing 700 impressions instead of 4k+, ok? How? Well, the gig analytics show the impressions, clicks and views for last 30 days, I am repeating for last 30 days. That means after ending today, it will be automatically shows you the result of last 30 days from today, clear? May be your gig links were shared much at the first time you opened the account on fiverr.

Now, may be you are sharing the gig links less then in prior. And a reminder for you that you should increase the follower of different social sites as you can so that when you share your gig links, it gets the huge people to seeing by. The larger follower you have, the greater chance to see and click your gigs are.