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Need help for this attached warning


Dear seniors,
Today I am facing this problem while I reload or click on fiverr link in every 5 or 10 minute. is it harmfull for my fiverr career???
If yes, please tell me the proper solution , please please please
thanks for reading


If this happens a lot then contact customer support to ask why it keeps happening.


It happens with me also. Most of the time.


Asked . and they replied to stop reloading for next 6 hours


Most of the time this problem reason is your internet connection.
It happens mostly on shared ip.

Try real ip or use vpn for somedays untill it will be resolved


Thanks ,
Is it safe to use vpn???
I have browsec vpn which is USA based . Can I use it???


Have you used any VPN recently?


No , I am not using any kind of vpn for crome browser.


Or have you used VPN in any other browser?


Use chrom Plugin Privacy Pass you’ll no longer need to accept that again and again it will automatically do that for you


would you please provide a screenshots???


No , there is no vpn software or plugin installed


here is link


Thanks , Is it automatically process???


@moinahmed1 are you using any kind of VPN or mobile internet ?

if so please avoid them


Fiverr does not like VPNs. I don’t recommend this advice.


vpn is better than shared ip. isn’t it?


Neither is a good idea. Both can get you into trouble on Fiverr.


Yes it accept that security certificate automatically but first few
attempts you will need to accept it as it will save those certificate which
are accepted by you so you’ll not have to accept them again and again


Do you use any bot or auto refresh to stay online?