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Need help from all of you

I created my gig as I can.I think it is good.but still I have not any order.what can I do for this.please help me.I like very much to work n fiverr. so please help me
my gig url is

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The gig title differs from the description. The gig title says “25 images” but the description says “20 images”. The gig image also says “20” next to “images”. There are a few spelling errors in the gig image. Other than that, the gig looks good. Maybe also check the profile text. You could add another background removal image example to the gig. You could also add some other gigs (maybe related ones) as well as post offers to requests you can do in the “buyer requests” section to have more chance of getting orders.

Your Gig description shows…

-remove background 20 images -unlimited revisions -12 hr delivery -source file

Unlimited Images

Then your title shows…

I Will Remove Background 25 Images With 12 Hours

Choose a number and stick with it.

Make sure your gig look professional and that the description is grammatically correct and professionally written.

At the moment your picture is mediocre but could be improved to attract buyers.
Your description could also be improved to be grammatically correct and to also be written more professionally.

Look around for gigs to improve these. Investing a bit of money into sorting out your gigs will ultimately pay off as people start to pay for your services.

Ok thank u verry much.I 'll go on your advise.
by the way are there any grammar mistakes in my description.
and are my gig pictures ok…

what are these grammar mistakes in my profile.tell me…and what can i do for my gig pictures.Do I have to remove it and add a new one

ok thank u.can I get a order after correcting this mistakes

In the profile it says “I am expert and professional graphic designer”, it might be better as “I am an expert and professional graphic designer”. I’m not sure if there should be a comma after “Hello”.

“I have 5 year experiences in this field” could be changed to “I have 5 years of experience in this field”.

It says “my service is friendly,cheep and quite”. “my” could be changed to “My” (with a space after the “.”). “cheep” could be changed to “cheap” (with a space after the comma). For “quite”, if you mean not making much sound it should be “quiet”, otherwise it sounds like it’s missing a word after “quite” (meaning to a certain extent). Maybe reword “Thanks for watching me” to something else or remove.

On the gig image: It currently says “Background removeing” instead of “Background removing”, or you could write “Background removal”. The image also contains the text “Convating” instead of “Converting”. It also says “Photose” Maybe that should be “Photos” (unless you meant something else).

thanks for advises… can i get a order after correct these…

There’s no guarantee but it might help. If you keep sending offers in the “buyer requests” section it will likely increase your chances, as will as adding more gigs.