Need help from computer expert (RESOLVED)


My younger brother changed login password of my Lenovo laptop. It is my main workforce. How to regain access to the computer? I have a lot of client projects on it so I can’t reinstall the os. Thanks


… by asking your brother what the new password is? :neutral_face:


Which windows version are you running?


thanks, he told me he couldn’t remember it clearly.[quote=“deluxewriting, post:3, topic:138034, full:true”]

Which windows version are you running?

Windows 10 64 bit


If it’s windows 10, then you must have attached a Microsoft account with the computer. Just reset that account’s password and log into your device with the new password.
Just a side note: @misscrystal I ain’t promoting Microsoft here.


At the login screen click on Can’t access your account and follow the instruction for reset.


No, I didn’t sign in with Microsoft account. It is a local account


Is it solved now, or you still need help?


The problem is now fixed. Thanks to this tutorial. I made a password reset disk and remove the password of admin account. However, you should turn off UEFI first.