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Need help from experienced users

This is my Gig and I just want some suggestions from an experience fiverr user about my gig improvement. alexander_1976 | Photoshop Editing | Fiverr


Hi, Get a professional English speaker and writing on Fiverr to help you with your description. To make it really good.

Also, put in your experience in Photoshop in that description and any certificates you may have.

Fiverr also have tests you can do (I am not sure if there is one for Photoshop, but check) do these tests. They increase your chances of getting orders.

Go to buyers request and bid for work.

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This type of Gig is not allowed here. (Writing someone else’s Gig descriptions) He has to write his own description.

Imagine a buyer who hires a seller who appears to write and speak fluent English - and then a buyer tries to communicate with him and cannot figure out which way is up as his English is not fluent.

He needs to use spellcheck or Grammarly or whatever to proofread his own Gig descriptions.


Okay, I did not realize that!

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thank you for help :+1: :+1: :+1:

You can improve you gig ranking by sharing on social media and send buyer request to clients.

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