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Hello experts! Thanks in advance for your suggestion. I want to refund a partial amount from my active order to my client without any cancellation. Is there any way?


Currently, Fiverr does not allow partial refund.


You can cancel the order, it’s okay. It will not hurt your rating or anything else in any way because it would be cancel on a mutual basis. After that just create a new custom order for that specific partial amount.


It happened with us too. Our client mistakenly ordered quick delivery extra for 15$. He was very worried, he asked us to please refund me 15$ and deliver my project on usual time as default. He had ordered our logo for 65$ (15$ extra for fast delivery), he was willing to order our Business cards too for 45$ so we give him 15$ discount in his Business Cards as a refund. He was very thankful to us. So you can try our following technique if your Client is willing to give you another order. OR you can simply Cancel the order mutually so thus it won’t effect your ratings as replied above.


Thanks for help & I did it. But I had 100% order completed now its shows 95% order completed. Is this rating going to effect my gigs rating?


Yes, in a manner of speaking. It could affect where your gig shows up in search results and category pages. But that cancellation will only affect you for the next 60 days.


If it helps, I asked CS because my rate had gone down quite a bit after 3 mutual cancellations of the ‘buyer ordered wrong amount accidentally’ kind, the CS person I corresponded with told me that they differ between ‘good and bad cancellations’ and that this will not affect my gig’s ranking.

My rate just recently went up to 100% again after those 60 days were finally over, and it’s nice to see that number again, of course, but I wouldn’t worry too much about that rate, it’s simply not possible to always avoid cancellations. :slight_smile: