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Need help from experts to improve our gigs


Hello everyone,
Its our first topic here we post.
we are working on from last year but not getting new clients as we deserved we do best all time.but still low income we get. need help from experts want to improve our gigs or rank our gigs is it possible.
Best regards


Check this out: Before Posting Asking About MORE ORDERS, NO ORDERS, Tips, Buyers, First Order - READ THIS

Also check out: for hundreds of tips on how to get orders.

Lots of great tips and information in the above.


This is helpful post. Thanks for the post . I have same problem. I hope give me suggestions how can i improve my gigs and rank. So please reply me.


There is no shortcut.


You could create your own thread in the “improve my gig” section. Also, maybe reduce the amount of gigs with “data entry” in the title and have other gigs too, ie. your gigs may be too similar to each other.


hello thanks for your response i have minimum amount of gigs and and different to each other


Hi, my response about the “too similar gigs” was to Abdul. I think it would help if his question was in a different thread though.


i have done everything nice on my gigs but not getting views is any tip for getting view on gigs?


You’re getting plenty of sales though! :slightly_smiling_face:

I wouldn’t worry about a lack of views if you’re getting sales - just keep doing what you’re obviously doing well.


I think you should promote your gigs more on social media and be kind to all clients. Your gigs will improve.


i have promote my gigs on social media but its not working can you please let me know how i promote in good way?


i have only two or three clients for getting order from but i have to grow get more clients


Share your gigs on facebook groups and twitter, linkedin.


okay i will try hope its work thank you :slight_smile:


Thanks for the information.


share your gig more…


yes I am also on fiverr from last year. but no result


you have to update your gigs description and gig images also for getting client and share your work on social media and promotion groups.


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