Need help from export fiverr seller


pleas help me my gigs are not showing in search result,
if i search by tag and my title also but cant see my gigs,
pleas tell me what i do now?


When did you create them? Have you recently edited them?


no i did not edit them


do you have this problem solution pleas help me


If your Gigs aren’t showing up anywhere, contact support. They’ll be able to resolve the problem for you like they have for many other sellers in the past.

You can open a ticket by following this link:


thank you my friend for help me :slight_smile:


You’re welcome. Good luck.


If your profile is not search. Need to Connecting with fiverr support team.


Any update on your issue?


sorry cant understand, what you want to say ?


Your problem with your gig, the one thing we are all talking about because you started the thread. Is it solved? Did you contact customer support? Update?