Need Help from Fiverr Expert


Hello FiverExperts … I am new to fiverr and have created two Gig for selling … and have good Impression and reviews from last week . I need you guys help to pull me up. I have over 2 years experience in App development and want to do some freelancing stuff for me.
Please give me a 2 minutes of your attention to have some feedback about how I have some order from buyers.
please Request to all Seniors members. Your suggestion are appreciated.
Kind Regards,
Kamran Ali.


Why can’t someone who is not a Fiverr expert help you? :wink:

If you’re expecting a “Fiverr expert” to make you successful, that’s not going to happen. You build your own success. No one else is going to do that for you.


Agreed with Jonbaas. Fellow members only can give you advice, showing the path. But you need to make your successful by your self mate. Follow FIVERR ACADAMY and even small portion of help from there will help you to grow.


Right ! no one can give you Success. we have to make our own ways to get what we want. Mates only give you suggestions.


@jonbaas agreed with you … It was just a heading no matter a guide from newbie or a expert … No one give you success until you made it by yourself .


yup we have to make own ways to get succeed but with that mate can make it easier and quicker for us. got my point. :xD xD


Success really boils down to dedication and hard work. Take the previous advice on board and you will also find lots of tips by reading the posts in the forum.


@mrkamiali i think meaning of the suggestion is same what you said. :slight_smile: its upon you that you can accept any mate’s suggestion or not. Make Sense ?


make Sense sense Paji


I think you should support team OR try to make google search.