Need help from fiverr forum!


i deliver my order 2 days ago but buyer Can’t accept my order… How can I get review ?


How is your buyer unable to accept your order? If you delivered your order through the Fiverr delivery system, they have what you delivered – order complete. It is up to your buyer whether they wish to post a positive or negative review about their experience.


Did you use “DILIVER NOW” Button?

If you use dilver option and buyer can’t accept . Its good to contact fiverr support .

if you didn’t use deliver option. then use it


yes i use DILIVER NOW option.


yes sir
and thanks for your reply :grinning:


You should wait. Maybe buyer is out of his town for any emergency issue. Every delivery will automatically marked as completed after 3 days. and buyer will put his review anytime he want.


if you have delivered your project. so your part is over.


thank you sir
your reply is helpful for me


oh .
thank you for your replay:grinning: