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Need help from fiverr professionals

Sri Lanka is a 3rd world country and there are lot of unemployed talented students, I made a group and now Introducing fiverr for them, as We do I hope to help them to grow up and go beyond with the world. If you can send me any reference to share with them. That would be great. They’ll follow this thread, please post any references, tips or tricks. Looking for your kind help.


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You can find plenty of tips by reading the forum (where plenty of tips have already been posted). You and your group are going to have to be willing to do your own research. We are not going to do the work for you. Your success is YOUR responsibility – and the forum is already full of thousands of great tips, strategies and Fiverr advice.

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thank you for your kind response is there anything else just update the theread sir ! thank you

You’re welcome. Good luck to you and your group.