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Need help from forum

Hey all,
I have made my gig almost a week ago.
After some suggestions from veteran and successful sellers, I have updated my gig, changed the thumbnail, have written a catchy description and already did possibly all I can.
But still , I haven’t got my first order yet. With each passing day i am feeling disappointed now.

Please help :pray:

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Unfortunately it’s not a guarantee that You will sudenly receive orders. Fiverr is very volatile and has a lot of competition.
There is no specific formula for getting orders. Some people waited months for their first order.


When you’ve written something, read back over it to make sure you’ve said exactly what you intended to say.

Are you tired of getting article spinners and Bad content?

Some Fiverr writers do deliver spun articles, but I don’t think any writer has delivered an actual article spinner.

I’ve spotted a few areas of your description that aren’t as precise as they need to be.


@ahmwritingco Thank you for your time to check my gig out. Will definitely work on my gig description as you said.

But I have read it somewhere so just asking, updating gigs frequently can remove it from search?

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@mariashtelle1 Well, I think you are absolutely right, I’m just being a little impatient currently. Can you check my gig out and let me know is there any room for improvement?
Thank you :slight_smile:

That’s true. Whenever a gig is edited, it’s temporarily removed from search. It’ll reappear once it’s been approved by Fiverr.

For this reason, it’s best to make all changes in one go.

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