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Need help from musicians, improve my gig

Hello colleagues! I’m a bass guitarist. I had a nice pace of order for my gig, but a month ago I made some changes there and now my sales have fallen. The price was raised (+ $5 added), I also diversified the package of services and made an explanation to them in FAQ. I suspect that clients might have missed a new service package, or I did not correctly describe it (perhaps incorrectly translated from my native language). As a result, I now get orders from old customers (possibly from some of them), and new customers do not come.
Every opinion, even a small comment, is important to me. Thank you.


I am not a musician but if you made changes and it is not working suggest you go back to what was working. I see you have 3 orders in the queue so maybe it is not that bad after all. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes - 3 orders, but no new client for all this time. Maybe there are some other options? :slight_smile:

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