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Need Help from others

I am working as a web designer on Fiverr. I am a new seller I want to create a portfolio website to showcase my buyers and other works that I have done before. Suggest best TIPS to create my website. You can suggest any theme or design also.
Thanks in advance.
Best regards,
Rahana Islam


Welcome to the Fiverr forums.

Firstly, make sure you make the portfolio on the approved list: (scroll down to the last section)

Second, make sure you have permission for all the samples you display (some former clients don’t like their projects shared).

Third, if you’re going to have a custom skin, keep it bland. The focus should be on the samples, not the portfolio background.


You can use Astra theme


many many thanks dear.

Let me get this straight: You are offering services here on Fiverr as a web designer, but, need input and advice on how to create your own website?

Seems you should know how to do this, right, I mean, if you are offering this service to others…