Need help from proofreader


I need help from experienced proofreader or experienced seller on this group.
Please take a look at my gig and let me know is there any problem in my gig details.



Hi okane01,

There are several corrections required in your gig description. Self promotion removed by Admin. Help in this category should not be in the form of advertising. If people want to buy help, they can go to My Fiverr Gigs and read ads.


There are some corrections required. Also, you need to be more concise and concrete about your services. Don’t try to target competitors, be informative about your offer. Give buyers a reason to chose you by staying professional in
your description.


Here is a start for your first gig:
Are you losing your potential email customer for poor designing?
According to my practical experience, I can say that I will not make you disappointed and give you completely fresh coding (Spamming free) email template.

Are you turning off your customers with a badly designed email template?
I will design a fresh new email template that is attractive and gets their attention.

Leave out (spamming free) since it is not needed. Of course it is spamming free.
You are simply giving them a template, which has nothing to do with spam.
Short and to the point is better. They will just skip over your gig if it is long and meaningless words.