Need help from sellers comunity


Hi Everyone
I am Bidyut from India
From last 10 days, I am working on a jot from project with the USA buyer.
She gave me 9-page project file and told me to do only with form elements & element functionality.
I agreed to work on her project for 30$ but she request me to do that within 15$. I accept her request as I had no job from a long time and want to get some positive review.
Now after done with the job what she told me before for that i agreed to do the job, she continuously rejects my delivery and forcing me to go through the whole documents. Her logic is as she provides me the project document that’s why I need to go through the whole project and calculation part also.
I request her for the extra amount for extra job but she wants me to do the job first if she like it then only she going to give me some tips.
In this situation, i really can’t trust her anymore.
Now, what to do?
Do i need to accept her dispute and mutually cancel her order and my 10 days work which I have done for her?

Please suggest me.



Why don’t you report this to CS?? I think they can help. But you might loose money in that way too even they canceled it for you.


Hi designeranu
Thanks for reply me.
If they sc cancel the order then my 10 days effort going to be 0. Is that any chances that sc do something behalf of me or mutually which will not harm to me & buyer too?
I don’t want to do anything which will harm her because she is also a Fiverr seller.



I had a similar situation while ago. I contacted CS and they told me to accept buyers’ dispute behalf of getting negative review which going to harm my ratings for a long time. Finally they cancelled it and refund to buyer!!

How ever I think it is good if you can contact CS. There might be another solution for you…


  • They also said that TRUST AND SAFETY team will further review and will take action against buyer who is also a seller