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Need help from sellers


Hello Everyone ,
I make a new gig can any one tell me what mistake i do in my gig . Does my gig is eye catching .and also how can i improve my gig.

Global Culture .


To make it easier for anyone who does want to take a look and critique your Gig, it would make it easier to leave your link. I doubt many would want to go through the time and steps in order to find your Gig on their own to help you.



I checked your profile.
It says, “I am a Indian Boy, living in the top hills of India (Dholadhar hills)” … let’s pretend to ignore the grammar. Seriously, what is this? “Indian boy living in top hills”?
You’re here to sell, not to date… Change the description to a proper well written intro, get help or improve your English.
The gig’s title doesn’t make sense as well (to me at least)…


I will recommend you to check the fiverr tips category.There you will get many tips …And No one is here to check your gigs and find out the mistakes.And if you read the tips that is given on the forum then I think you do not need to post this type of threads …

Try to create more gigs and share it more and more .If you have the ability to complete the order that you have mentioned in your gig then sure you will get order.

Best of luck


you open another GIG and must be follow your gig title ,if your GIG title and GIG SEO title is perfect then you share your gig social media, if you continue this process you must get works


Thanks so much sir,

But I wanna tell you that when i start Fiverr then I do not have any skills like SEO etc so then my first gig is based upon on global culture means (I provide things from India )so that’s why my description is match with my gig . But now I have some skills so I delete my older gig and start something new .
Thanks sir for Ur suggestion