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Need help from Senior seller

Hi senior seller
I am Nayan. A new seller. I created an account on Fiverr. I have 5 gigs. Unfortunately, I got only 2 orders. I always share my gigs on social media. But I didn’t get enough order. Some new seller created their account on Fiverr after creating my account. Some of them complete 10-20+ orders. I want to get the orders like them. What can I do for this?.
Senior Seller, please help me. I need a suggestion from you. If you have enough time please Help me
Thanks & Regards


Check Buyer’s Request and apply for certain jobs there that fit for your Gigs. That might help to get more exposure, visibility and sales.


It is best not to compare your sales level to that of other sellers. Every seller’s experience and success will be different, based on many varying factors. If YOU want to be a great seller, here on Fiverr, make sure you understand your target market, you know what those target customers need, and you clearly and effectively show how your services can solve their needs. Then, make sure you deliver top quality work for all your orders – work that is worthy of positive reviews. A reputation as a seller is hard to build, but it takes time, effort, and plenty of experimentation.

Please also keep in mind, Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick website, nor does Fiverr guarantee that you will have orders here. You are responsible for your orders, and the quality you present to your customers. The better your reputation becomes over time, the more likely it will be that you may find the level of orders you seek.


Thank you so much for your valuable comment

good suggestion from you


@nayannath980 i suggest to you, again create your gigs.

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