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Need Help from senior

Dear, there are,
I have an Order a few days ago. He sends me a conditional order.I got that and trying to understand what does kind of logo he wants?
He hasn’t given me an idea. just told me that I need to create a logo. as a result, I create a logo and show him, but he gives me any reply in this time. After one day he gives me a reply as a modification.
I give him that. But here are some mistake he says. I want to know from him but he says read the information that he provides with the order. there is no solution I find. Then I go back to him and know about that but he hasn’t any solution. However, Finally, he gives me two files that I need to recreate and make as a logo for his company. I have done that. When I send him this file after one day He gives me a modification request and says me that he has created this by himself.
Now he wants to cancel this order.
What can I do in this situation?
Waiting for your kind advice.
Best regard


Always put a watermark over the files you send till the customer is satisfied. And then once he is, send the original file. A small advice from me. Maybe you should screenshot his messages and save them just in case.


There’s Buyers who expect us to read their mind when they send us an order, and then there’s Buyers who order blindly because they trust our expertise. Naturally, the latter is ideal, but how can you determine that?

Here’s how I do it and it works 99% of the time…
At the top of the gig description write, “Please message me to discuss your project before ordering, your satisfaction depends on it.” Or anyway you need to word it.

The only way we can determine a Buyer’s expectations is if they communicate with us. And don’t be afraid of cancelling an order because the Buyer didn’t give you enough info after requesting it. Fiverr doesn’t expect us to be mind readers, but they do expect us to sort them out before starting an order.