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Need help from the senior seller expert on fiver

i need some help i want to sell my first gig .i am here 2 month already but i cannot get any order ?


It seems you have 5 Gigs to provide same service.

You should have only one Gig for the particular service and market is that gig to reach the targeted customers.

As per the message from Fiver editorial team creating multiple gigs for the same service will not help you.


As @irshan_cool pointed out :purple_heart: all your gigs are the same - background removal.

How many backgrounds need to be removed? There are over 10,000 background removal gigs.

Is there anything else you could offer? If you only offer one type of gig and have it repeated several times, Fiverr may remove the duplicates. I’m sure there are lots of other graphic related gigs you could offer?

Good luck! :sunny:

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Reasearch keyword and optimize gig description

thanks you so much a

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