Need help from you guys!


Hi there! im a new seller on fiverr ,joined a day ago. I created my first gig and now i need to know if my gig is correct or are there any flaws which are going to affect my gig.
Thank you fellas…
have a nice day


Well, hello there.

Your main photo.

Fonts are jagged.
Way too jagged.

Reminds me of the 90’s and Windows 95.
Glorious times it was, no doubt.

You probably didn’t make these buttons yourself. You just snatched them buttons with a resolution 50 pixels and pasted them.



Don’t use long title please…


Your Gig needs considerable work.

What does ‘Aware of Trade-Mark Laws’ mean? Are you aware that ‘trademark’ is one word?


Looks good to me. Neromare has a point about the jagged font. But still, not a deal killer. I bet you do okay once you get some ratings.


I don’t know. Looks shady. Like those internet based ads that pop-up everywhere and offer us great solutions to enlarge our…you know. This was before the time of AdBlock.


Is someone teaching you guys to copy content from other people?

the Brand Name itself carries more weight than you might think - and can mark the difference between a brand that gains traction and one that falls flat

For gods sake, you’re selling branding yet you can’t write 1200chars on your own.


The 27-word line is repeated 5 times on the internet verbatim. While we cannot be sure that he didn’t write the line himself each of those times, if had as done so, it would have been beneficial to reword it here. In fact, if he did copy it, as he probably did, he really should have reworded it.


I can because I know the source. I even read it when it was published :slight_smile:


Dude, if I’m going to steal a line, it’s going to be like Winston Churchill or something. It’s not even that cool a sentence.


I wouldn’t care as much if it was yet another SEO gig(you know which ones I mean), but if you’re selling branding and you can’t even write your own description then what are you going to offer to your clients. You can really screw up someone’s brand identity. Although I don’t think a serious business would buy that gig anyway.


Thanks everyone, but what changes do i need to make according to you.


He is suggesting your gig description ought to be original content, not something cribbed from the internet.


Thank you for you honest review.