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Need help getting more Voice Over gigs


I have been on the platform for about 1.5 years… the most I made in a month was $1500 (about 6 months ago) but I am down to $900 in Nov… I know I am really good at what I do here on Fiverr but everytime I try to search for myself on the site in stealth mode, I can never find myself in the search. Is there anything I can do to get more exposure within the site? I am already blasting twitter with my links and getting traffic that way. I have 100% positive rating, about 1,300 orders fulfilled with over 800 reviews, 100% on-time delivery and I deliver within 24 hrs. I have had a few hang ups with my response time (stuff like I am already working with a client on there order and they have been corresponding with me thru the order page (never thru the messaging page), and then when the order is done, they will write “thanks” in the messaging page… and because I didn’t respond to their one-word message in the messaging page, I get dinged for not responding within 24 hrs). I have already talked to Fiverr about that but they will not change that functionality so I am not staying on top of that. Anyways… do you think it is a waiting game or is there something I can do to increase my ranking now? Thanks…


I like the style. I added the gig to the favorites.


This time of year most, not all, sales and activity drops off. Particularly in voice and media related categories. US clients, budgets shot for year end. It, for me, picks up mid-January, historically
With so much happening behind the scenes for 2018, I’d wait till the herd is thinned and get back to your marketing full force.
Just my advice from 3 years of ups and downs.


Experiment with your gig image. I find it a bit dark and busy. It might not stand out from the crowd. Your category is very competitive, so getting buyers to click on your gig is crucial. Try more gigs. Your voice would be great for radio imaging or DJ Drops.
Also, don’t forget about buyer requests. Good luck :wink:


Thanks… I’ll do that. If you don’t mind me asking, what is supposed to happen in 2018?