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Need help Gig impression and view are going dwon form two month

This is happing form the last two months. I’m not getting Impression, click and View after doing everything like sending buyer requests or promoting on social media.
Please help me.
Here is my profile.

Thank you


I think you are a new seller?

No my profile is to old .i start working on fiver since 1 month

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How to do this like how did you get the result tell me I also want to check my gig stats.

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Please Check on the mobile app

Ohk thanx but my mobile isn’t compatible with this version of fiverr app

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every andriod and apple phone are compatible with fiverr app

Mine is samsung galaxy S3

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android version 4.3 so it is not compatible with this version of fiverr

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yeah your phone is very old
please try to use some new phone or updated version phone

hmm ok I’ll try with another phone

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good all the best…

hhye sis i got my first order on fiver