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Need help guys

I have opened fiverr account for a while now and a friend recommended it for me. i keep getting impression but no order… How can i promote it and receive order?

With your broken English it leads me to think that you are hiding your country since your country is USA.

Mind me if I am wrong.

A few things…one is that you need to fix your gig descriptions as the English is not good and that is a turn off to people when it says that you speak only English and are from the USA, so I agree with the guy above.

Also, you have written in your gig description for eBook covers that you are new to Fiverr and have a 100% rating. That is a lie because it is a new arrival and you do not have any ratings yet, so why would you say that in the beginning getting started here on Fiverr.

Maybe hire someone to proofread and re-write your gigs for you, and just focus on your design photo samples as with design work people are more ready to hire someone that is not native English speaker because as long as you can design that is good. But you need a better profile write up. What kind of trainng do you have? What kind of work experience? Those types of things.

Thanks guys…