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Need Help, How to complete order without buyer response


I’ve an order and it’s three days time. Already two days have gone. Buyer create order for his WordPress site theme setup and he only give me WordPress login password but don’t give username so I can’t login and can’t set-up theme in his WordPress site. I already sent massage four or five time for full login info but he don’t response. Only one day left so need some experience suggestion.
What can I do ?


Hi nnalam :smiley:

Just simply cancel order and send then refund ! If buyer is not responding you that means they no more interested to work with you on given order.

Every buyer and seller get email update notification when order update , so when you send them message or any update in order page or message section.

They get notification in his mobile as well in his mail account.

You probably did’t get any reply from buyer means they not interested to do business with you so simply send then refund and cancel order…

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks for your helpful instruction.
Most of the time he stay in online but he don’t reply my massage.


Yup, cancel order by hitting “Resolve.”