Need help I am a new seller.I am not getting orders


Hi, everyone please Help me I’m not getting order after sending lots of buyers request and promoting on social media channels.
Please review my gigs and give me a suggestion.

Thank you
Hapsa Bithi


Keep campaigning in Social Mijia, along with blog market and run. Success will catch you one day


Have you tried making your gig look more attractive?


Have you tried marketing and promoting your gigs to reach out to those who need your services?


Do gig Marketing on social media


Make your gigs more attractive.


Start gig marketing in your all social media, and grow up your skill


You will be success in fiverr market place. More and more try right way.


Thank you so much for your kindly suggestion.


How can I do it please help me?


Thank you for your tips.


Ok I try it .Thank you so much.


ok. I do it, Thank you.


Do social media marketing and try to find your customer and share your gig with them