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Need help i got warning from fiverr!

hello guys
i need urgent help
today i got a message from fiverr that my account was flaged? because i am sending spam messages?
but i didnt!!
is there anything i am doing wrong?
i am only sending messages to my clients about projects and to complete the order if they are happy with final product or i ask tem to left feedback only on the order!
is there anything wrong?
please help


Fiverr not allow to ask review. This is the violation of fiverr role.
Won’t do it again.


no ididnt ask them for review
i just write this
Please if your happy then mark the order complete and left your feedback on order?
is there anything wrong?

Yes, you was wrong. No way to ask for feedback or review


Do not do this! It is the prerogative of the buyer as to whether or not they wish to leave feedback.

Check this out: Asking for Reviews - This is what CS said


Hi @garaphicx98
Sending messages to people about your gig or even asking them to view your gig or for feedback is against the TOS. You maybe messaging them by being their buyer but you are actually promoting it. Which is totally wrong.
Just don’t repeat it, you’ll be safe then. Or otherwise you’ll be banned by fiverr.


Once, you deliver your order. :no_entry_sign: Don’t press or harass the Buyer to leave a feedback. :no_entry_sign: It’s at the Buyers’ sole discretion if they want to leave feedback or not.


no i didnt did any such thing…i am working for more tha a year and dfidnt do such things ,…but don’t know why?

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You just said you did that. Even if you don’t see it as spam it’s still spam and it’s against fiverr TOS asking to complete your order and leave a feedback.


Do you think changing the word “review” to the word “feedback” makes it ok?


What if with delivery I ask a buyer following:

I would appreciate an honest review. Still, it’s not mandatory.

Will it be TOS violation?

Only if you actually write that in any delivery message … or inbox message … or message on the order page.

No you can’t ask for a review at all. Not ok.

really sad ! the most common discussed topic in forum. please care when your account is live.

fiverr request them to evaluate your work.

Asking for feedback is asking for review. Calling review something else (feedback or whatever) doesn’t mean that you didn’t ask for review.