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Need Help i have placed 165$ Order (unable to cancle it)

Need Help i have placed 165$ Order (unable to cancle it) its with milestone and 1 milestone is done i have stopped it and how i can get my money back -

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You need to contact Customer Service.

Why do you need to cancel?


if i go to the resolution center it says - work is not complete and no response from seller bad quality work and services

its shows these options and i dont have any one of them
Have you and your seller decided to cancel your order?
Don’t worry, all you have to do is:

  1. Go to your Manage Orders page
  2. Select the relevant order.
  3. Click Resolve an Issue .
  4. Select Ask the seller to cancel this order.
  5. Provide more details and then click Continue .

You will have to go through Customer Service to get this resolved.


Contact seller support with the agreement of seller.

is there any link? which can help

how to acess that … is there any link for that as well

Here is the link: for Customer Support.

Same postion

You probably wont be able to cancel that !
Milestone one is completed means seller shared you work and you aproved that but you just didn’t start second milestone, so you havent pay total $165 yet but only for first milestone.
but yes if there is any issue with delivery, CS will help you get you money back…(that you paid for first Milestone)

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yes bro i got it thanks everyone to help me to understand the situation - thanks

Request your seller to do that from his side, it must work.