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Need help i messed up on the time


Hey okay i purchased someone for a job, but i messed up the time. It should have been one week to complete and i put a few days or something. Can someone help me change?


The seller can use the resolution center to extend the delivery time. If he needs more time, he can submit a request to you, which you’ll accept, and all will be well!


he doesnt need more time like it is my fault i dont want him penalized for something he did not do

it is me who realized the work does not start till saturday


in resolution center can he say buyer made a mistake on date, i just do not want to hurt someones image when they did nothing wrong.


He can do that, just explain your situation to him and ask him to request a delivery extension, accept his request and it won’t hurt his account :slight_smile:


You’re really worrying about nothing, because unless it goes way beyond the deadline, you have to manually cancel the gig, as a buyer. And it sounds like you’re not going to do that. So there’s nothing to worry about really! If the seller needs more time to complete the gig he’ll request it :wink:


I have had to extend a gig twice because my buyer booked the gig and then did not have the material I needed to do the gig. Each time I requested an extension I said my buyer still has to prepare the material for me. I have not been penalized yet. And I have had to make extensions for two different sellers.


i do not know why the buyer is freaking out


check out my jobs the male please educate them in this


I do not know why your buyer is freaking out about this either. All your buyer has to do is ask for an extension. It should not be a problem unless he has requested a lot of extensions in the past.

I do not know what you mean by this? :thinking:


Okay - you’re the buyer and your seller needs more time - I think I’m right here.

Just do as @sabiansoldier suggests - the seller can ask to extend the length of time needed and you accept.

Panic not! :sunny: