Need help in extending delivery date by a lot


So I have a client who ordered a long term gig (its a few months long) he was insisting on paying me in advance for all the months so he does not have to deal with it every month, and I get the work done without supervision. He placed two orders one for this month, and another for the next 5 months. I maked them as delivered as he wanted to get over the process in a rush, now he is asking for a way to extend the time on the 5 month one. I have never had such a situation, and could not find a similar one on the forum, so please help me out.

Is there a way to extend a deliver date after it has been delivered. Delivery is not closed, so I asked him to send in a modification till i figure it out.

Please and thank you!


Yeah you can do it from the Resolution Center. Click Resolve nowYour reasonExtend Delivery Time.


You can extend, but Fiverr does not support empty deliveries even by arrangement. They also do not allow delivery times in excess of 30 days.

I understand what your buyer requested. Allowing advance payment for services exceeding 30 days and delivering prior to completion might get you warned or banned, so you might want to ask Customer Support about it.


Omg thank you for letting me know, definately dont want to get banned.


Great, thank you!! I will check it out