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Need help in getting first order


Hey Guys

I am new in the fiverr and its been a week i made multiple gigs but no order yet. Can somebody help me and go through my gigs to tell me any mistake i have made.



Firstly, have patience.

Secondly, your pricing is wrong. If I take your Excel gig for example. I can buy 1 assignment for $5 but 2 assignments is $15. Why don’t I just by two $5 gigs? It’d be cheaper. You should have 3 assignments for $10 as your standard gig.

Thirdly, you have a weird mix of gigs so it sounds as if you aren’t an expert in anything. There’s nothing wrong with that as such but to start off you should pick similar looking gigs in your most experienced area.


Hi @armaghanahmad

Welcome to fiverr.

My advice, Take a look at the fiverr academy. There you find a lot of useful tips and tricks.

And promote your gig(s) on social media like twitter and facebook. On facebook there a lot of fiverr groups where you can promote your gigs.